Iphone enter passcode not working

Posted on 27.06.2018
The only choice you have is to do a factory restore. Unfortunately my phone is now locked as a result and needs restoring. Just find the detailed solution to solve the problem as below. How do I do that by just using Siri.
Iphone enter passcode not working — pic 2
Family Strengths and Weaknesses. I haven't changed it all either. I hope this doesnt happen again. The reason for this problem is most likely an iOS software glitch or faulty operation. I havent changed it all either.
Iphone enter passcode not working — pic 1
I hope this doesn't happen again. Now its accepting my thumb, I'm Going to back it up again tonight. Can you play with a friend via share play. How to Torque a Bolt Without a Torque Wrench. Can't figure out how to solve this issue. Persistent key-value database with network interface. IPhone is inadvertently disabled in your pocket.