How soon after drinking can you take antabuse

Posted on 25.06.2018
At the dose my doctor prescribed, it takes three or four days to clear the body. I take Antabuse from time to time to stop a spree from drinking. Antabuse may be effective, but is it worth the cost. I have waited two weeks and then drank.
How soon after drinking can you take antabuse
I would say stop taking as much vitamins. Vitamins depending on type can actually help y. How soon after drinking alcohol can I take antabuse disulfiram. Very much like an allergic reaction.
T trust yourself to stay away from a drink, you can take a pill to make drinking unbearable. Soon, he was returning home appearing to have drunk alcohol but without the physical effects that Antabuse should produce. Antabuse disulfiram is fairly low risk as far as liver damage. I would not compromise on drinking while on Antabuse disulfiram due to severe interaction side effects Antabuse disulfiram and drinking have. But after a few drinks and about an hour I developed a rash that spread around my neck shoulders and face, have a bit of a hard time breathing and felt that hot throbbing feeling. They are eight in number and are irregular in shape.