Explain why transition metals have high melting point

Posted on 15.06.2018
I'm looking at the melting temperature of metallic elements, and notice that the metals with high melting temperature are all grouped in some lower-left corner of the d block. Why are melting point and freezing point the same temperature for any substance. Previous question Next question. How do you calculate for the melting point of the chemical compounds.
This is the best way to convince the to allow us to add this feature to Mixed In Key. What do you think might explain why the alkali metals and halogens react so easily to form slats. What factors affect the boiling and melting points of a compound. Explain why ionic compounds are formed when a metal bonds with a nonmetal, but covalent compounds.
Explain, how dams useful for our society. Anyone who is interested to text me. Melting occurs when the thermal vibrations of atoms overcomes the bonds holding the solid crystal together. Hence, it is more difficult to remove the electron and thus result in the high melting point.