Favicon not working in ie

Posted on 14.06.2018
The page source includes and it does work in other browsers. The update may be IE or Norton, however they all stop showing at the same time. Only when the page is added to the Favorites, it demands the favicon. There must be someone who knows why.
In google Chrome and Firefox it's working just fine. When displaying the favicon in another browser, it displays just fine. I also tried adding the code below in the header section of the index. I created the file as an ico and it is working as expected. The second option, favicon not working in ie, Replace All, will automatically replace each.
Favicon not working in ie — pic 1
The lesson shows how to add and sequence each drum, then how to process them all individually and then the whole break together. Ico in the document root of the apache configuration. So with all the steps above I tried adding to the Favorites. The favicon displays as expected in all browsers except IE.