How to make a pointed hat out of construction paper

Posted on 18.03.2019
Then cut out the semicircle and shape into a cone. Being able to make a fireman's hat out of construction paper is a much easier and faster alternative then heading to a store to buy one. First, get hold of a piece of black construction paper.
Suicide Squad Joker Retro Cocuk Tisort. When you've achieved the right size, apply glue along the seam. Something as simple as paper can provide you and your child with hours of entertainment, including the ability to make an engineer's hat for someone who is interested in trains.
Repeat to cut out two more trian. You Can Make A Pirate Hat Out Of Almost Anything, Including Newspaper, Poster. Games Recreation Hobbies Crafts. If it's too big or small, remove the staples and try again. We harvest our bears for use for ceremonies, for sacred meal and the fat is even used for ceremonial paints, soaps and many other things. Typically, the colonists donned tricorn hats.