How to use spotlight search

Posted on 16.03.2019
The app icon appears on the screen. It's much faster than hunting through screen after screen. How to Use Spotlight to Find Files in OS. And as time goes on, the features of Spotlight in Mac also expanded and there are some features that you are not actually aware of.

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Or to quickly look through the results, use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys. While computer provide its searching bar to let you search your local files, browser lets you search content on web. This means that you can use this for you to search for your files on your Mac. By doing so, you share basic info between them like your contacts and calendar to make both work even better. When it comes to Spotlight Search, there are few detaisl about this utility from Apple web. If not, then we are going to show you in this article on how to use Spotlight search on Mac. How to simplify a number How to write and speak the exponential notation Scientific Notation Counting by powers of ten.
How to use spotlight search
Alternatively, use the Command-Space bar keyboard shortcut to open the. You can search for something like apple store or emails from emily. Search by file type or location.