How to play iphone 5s slow motion video on pc

Posted on 03.07.2018
The app lets slow down a video and check later how an athlete is performing a particular sport or exercise. But when you save those slo-mo recorded video clips off onto your Windows computer, you dont see those specially made slow motions. Learn how to make slow motion videos free.
Remember, slow motion video takes four times longer than normal to play back and long slow motion videos can get really repetitive and boring. And that is why the Filmora Video Editor is exactly the editor you're looking for. Download Slow Motion Video FX here. Make slow motion video for iPhone.
This small gadget with boosted ergonomics is developed to be easy to use, well constructed and reassuringly reliable with a range of key features that make in home printing easy to achieve. Select the Rotate icon above the timeline, it will pops-up a windows where you can see the Speed option. Read on to learn how to shoot slow motion video and then edit the finished clip using just your fingertip.