How to use httpservletrequest in struts2

Posted on 24.06.2018
Public void setServletRequestHttpServletRequest request this. First time you instantiate the bean in the action, second time in the JSP. The data that is to be displayed to user has to be pulled from the Action. If you want to get the values from the first bean then you should create mutators to a variable that hold the instance of the bean.
How to use httpservletrequest in struts2
Try Token token OAuthFactoryUtil. When is worth enough HttpServletRequest request ServletActionContext. Surface treatment using Green Activator. Public String execute throws Exception int len request. How to get HttpServletRequest in the Liferay Web service.

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Only do that if you have a strong reason. There are ways of reading them using the framework, but no way to write them. Get the HttpServletRequest object directly from org. This new version of Struts is simpler to use and closer to how Struts was always meant to be.