Brakes not working when car is cold

Posted on 21.06.2018
Checked the fluid level when i got home. But a brake booster has one check valve. When a vehicles tires move over a slippery road it will cause its brakes to work more ineffectively. I do not know whats wrong cause.

These can stick in the cold and not allow the engine to pull the vacuum.

Brakes not working when car is cold
I cant tell if they start working after the car warms up or after Ive pumped them for a while because theyll start working again at random times. After I able to roll to a somewhat stop, I hit the brake a few times, and then it finally breaks through and works. Basically, do the brakes do this from the get go or do they suddenly seem to not work after the car has been moving. The brakes dont work when I turn on my car. What could cause this, Vacuum leak.
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