Glulam beam to steel column connection

Posted on 17.06.2018
Connection of Pile with the foundation Covering both Concrete and Steel. What else can I use to provide a lateral support for this type of building. Optional lateral-support plate slot holes to prevent positive moment from forming over support.

Forces in an end-plate connection.

Glulam beam to steel column connection
Research on the Design Method of a Scale Model of ECC Reinforced Concrete Precast Shear Wall Structure. Allow for drainage holes in shoes. Refer to Engineering Bulletin No. Text messaging doesn't have to be impersonal. Two groups of total six specimens were tested under monotonic loading to investigate their rotational behavior. In order to solve this problem, a relatively new type of bolted connection, reinforced with section steel, was designed and tested in this paper.
Glulam beam to steel column connection — pic 1
Why did they take the young and restless off the soap network channel. While due to the low tensile strength of wood in the perpendicular-to-grain direction, these connections are usually not able to present satisfying rotational performance. Bolts inserted through steel beam web in preparation for the application.