How to do christian family devotions

Posted on 16.06.2018
If your family has struggled before with devotions, Advent is a good time to get started again. On a few more occasions I just havent felt like it so have made some flimsy excuse. But equally important, Christianity must be lived in the home.

Some days we just plain forget to do family devotions all together.

How to do christian family devotions
Several great options exist for deciding what to read. On a few occasions we have had unbelievers in the home and I have allowed shame to keep me from doing our devotions. Some days we have great intentions but life throws a bit of a curveball and we get distracted. Many families have devotions after breakfas. There is not magic formula for building a Christian home. How to Do Advent Devotions with Your Family, cott Slayton - Read more about spiritual life growth, Christian living, and faith.
Maybe before a run, after a particularly grueling lifting session, or on our recovery days. The first step toward effective family devotions is setting aside regular time. Family devotions are good for the spiritual growth of all in the family. However, Christian families through the ages have found joy, strength, and guidance through taking time daily to pray and read together from Gods Word.