Why do songs disappear from itunes library

Posted on 16.06.2018
If the file was added from a different folder on your computer, it can still be found there. The creator has forgotten about their podcast and let the service hosting it lapse resulting in the podcast disappearing from iTunes. Hence, you will no longer be able to download the items from your past purchases.
Why do songs disappear from itunes library — pic 1
Spotify songs license authorization has been removed by the artists or producers. For some reason, this free download album disappeared from my library, and I can't redownload it because iTunes tells me that I already bought it. I cant help thinking, why did my iTunes library disappear. I've not moved the library, and i have no antivirus running on my mac. This project may be a little time-consuming, but its simple enough for the difference it will make in the end. If they were deleted from your actual my documents then they wont play on itunes.
If you have updated iTunes or moved your iTunes music library you may find that your song playlists seem to have disappeared. It happened to me that my iTunes library disappeared before. If it does not appear in the section bought for redownloading. I have just received an email from Itunes. Why Do Songs Disappear from Spotify. Thus, you can restore your music disappeared from iTunes library problem through the previous iTunes library. When it comes up with the exclamation mark to locate it I click no.