How many tax dollars go to abortion

Posted on 29.06.2018
Are my tax dollars paying for abortion. The new rule will indeed reduce the flow of federal dollars to abortion providers, including the billion-dollar behemoth of the grisly industry, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does receive a half-billion dollars a year from the government. The numbers are clear and the taxpayers deserve better.

But Bush's comments raise questions about just how much money Planned Parenthood actually gets, what the group does with it, and whether defunding it would actually save taxpayers money.

How many tax dollars go to abortion
However, your tax dollars might continue to slip through the complex health care system to fund abortions. Thanks to Trumps New Rule, Fewer Tax Dollars Will Go to Abortion Providers. After all, it does not deny Planned Parenthood or any co-located clinics anything.
He added that tax dollars given to organizations that offend most Americans only further shows that such a report is needed. Stepmothers have one of the hardest jobs within a blended family, how many tax dollars go to abortion. The insurance company would then use those funds rather than federal funds to pay for abortions. But just how many abortions are taxpayers funding federally. I wonder if some of my tax money goes to abortion or does it vary per state. She also tweeted this fact which isnt a fact at all. The Determination of vector group of transformers is very important before connecting two or more transformers in parallel.