Is bleeding normal when on birth control

Posted on 27.06.2018
Should all the test results appear to be normal, the doctor may recommend other birth control pills in replace of the one that causes breakthrough bleeding. Changing hormone levels, most notably estrogen, and a thin endometrial lining can both cause breakthrough bleeding. Is this normal when you stop ortho tri-cyclen lo birth control mid-pack.
This bleeding is similar to the regular menstrual period you would get if you werent using birth control patches, rings, or pills. Anyways, short answer, yes it is normal. In most cases, breakthrough bleeding isnt somet.
Hasn't been long enough yet cause it is used to your birth control regulating the cycle for it. Still, it's completely normal to experience it while on birth control. Why do I have continuous bleeding while on birth control. They may prevent breakthrough bleeding. This is especially true in the first few months of pills or if you are late when taking your pill. In some cases, the brown discharge is basically spotting which is a result of very low levels of hormones present in. No results from this pill either, they next tried Depo.