Air sound when brake pedal is pushed

Posted on 23.06.2018
NYou may want to start with the brake fuse. You probably have air in your brake lines. Hello Friends, I am hearing an air leak kind of sound while pushing the brake pedal.

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Air sound when brake pedal is pushed — pic 1
If you run vehicle in park, slowly hit the brakes, does the pitch of the air leak change. It actually started a few months ago and comes and goes and was very minor but now its louder and happens every time the brake pedal is released. Your brake lights will not come on when you push the pedal. I am trying to figure out if this is of concern or not.
After the master cylinder was replaced, the whooshing sound was still there. Nyou may also want to check the brake electical relay switch in the relay box. Why does it sound like im pumping air.