How to make a shadow stick puppet

Posted on 23.06.2018
This tricky shadow puppet makes full use of both hands, but is positively lifelike when pulled off well. Bring your ring and little fingers together and curl them inward. Make a stiffer puppet by printing on cardstock. To start, face your left palm toward yourself and make a ring with your middle finger and thumb.

That was the default controls on the last gen version, how to make a shadow stick puppet.

How to make a shadow stick puppet
To make your puppets more lifelike, cut out legs, jaws, or arms separately from the body parts and attach them with paper fasteners brads. We used bamboo skewers, but you can use craft sticks or straws as well. You can choose to make stick puppets or shadow puppets.
Either make separate right and left puppets, or make two-sided puppets. You can print the pattern on white or colored paper. Over tens of millions of years, the temperature and pressure of the material inside increased, jumpstarting the fusion of hydrogen that drives the sun today. You'll notice that the patterns include right- and left-facing versions of each puppet except the octopus.