How to grow moss on wood

Posted on 19.06.2018
Find a suitable piece of driftwood and some cotton or fishing line to tie it on with. Watering using a hose and fine spray head is the most economical and accurate method for irrigation. They thrive naturally in most temperate areas around the world.

Slather the surfaces with a thick coating.

She has a degree in economics from Sam Houston State University. Nature is usually not too far from most of us. After you have applied your mixture to the item, place it in your specially chosen nice cool, shaded area.

Cynthia Myers is the author of numerous novels and her nonfiction work has appeared in publications ranging from Historic Traveler to Texas Highways to Medical Practice Management.

How to grow moss on wood
Like the woods, or by shady areas next to a stream. They are buffered by the soil and basically, upstream from the water that contacts the. To comfortably grow and develop, they need high humidity and very little lighting. This will need to be unwrapped and spread out. Or under a tree where it is shaded, damp and cool.