How to slice lemons and limes for drinks

Posted on 14.06.2018
Just lay the lemon or lime slices flat on a tray in the freezerthey freeze perfectly well on their own. For punch or large pitchers of drinks that need that lemon or lime punch, you can freeze lemon slices in muffin tins to create a large cube. Step-by-step directions for how to dehydrate citrus slices. After thinking about this for a while I decided to look online for instructions on how to freeze lemons and limes.

I quickly found out the wonderful convenience of freezing lemons and limes.

How to slice lemons and limes for drinks
The Maestoware Wedge Slicer is a handy kitchen tool that allows you to slice lemons. This is actually one of thicker slices I cut but I picked it up to show you that you can easily peel off the skin if you wanted to dehydrate the lemon skin and the lemon separately. I'm not sure what cIOS I need, but I have a USB with games that I can load. They are left in the custody of a distant relative, how to slice lemons and limes for drinks, Count Olaf played by Jim Carrey. To get the best value for your pro.

However, this slicer made the slicing go so much easier.

How to slice lemons and limes for drinks — pic 2
Save time on preparing lemon or lime for drinks and cocktails to garnishing food. And enjoy it - lipstick is so fun and there are so many great colors out there. Limes, oranges and even other types of fruits and vegetables into six perfectly sized wedges in seconds. Lemons were originally cultivated in China and limes in India, although most people don't think of them as Asian fruits. Although you could freeze the slices in water using a cupcake baking sheet, you can just skip the baking sheet altogether.