What does enzymatically processed rice protein mean

Posted on 16.03.2019
If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product. It does not have flavoring, so you do not have to worry about the unnatural colors or flavorings. Does that mean the rice protein is chemically derived.

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What does enzymatically processed rice protein mean
I'm chemically intolerant and have to avoid food additives. Does the Rice Protein contain lead. We use organic plant enzymes that are GMO free to break down and digest the carbohydrate portion of the rice, leaving behind the protein. We don't know anything bad about it.
We recommend that further concerns regarding the Rice Protein for those with severe food sensitivities should consult their doctor or dietician. Serving size of Plain Rice Protein Mix is one heapig tbsp fifteen. What good ingredients are in Plain Rice Protein Mix.