What have you learned during your internship

Posted on 29.06.2018
Ask for their knowledge and advice. If you worked as an intern, your resume will say it. Having been a corporate lawyer for seven years, I have always prided myself on attention to detail.
To ensure you'll actually have people to thank and stay in touch with, you'll need to make an effort during the course of your internship to build relationships with people around the office. Learn everything that they can teach you. Instead, you are being asked about what skills you developed, what you learned about yourself and what you learned about the industry from prior jobs. Knowing what you accomplished at previous jobs will help an interviewer understand what you have to contribute to this company. It was a great experience that I know will help me when I start my career. I did my first internship in IIT Delhi.
Pretending to be busy is harder than being busy. When talking about previous places of employment, there are certain things to emphasize in your response. A lot of people aren't very good at Minesweeper, but I'd say that I'm not too bad at it.