Lego ninjago nindroids how to unlock all characters

Posted on 27.06.2018
In there, go to the shop called Ninjago Doomsday Comix to buy characters, which will make the by you found characters playable in the game. A guide to how to unlock the Ninjago characters in Lego Worlds. Looks like your ride has been delayed. All the guide, strategies, and tips to help you play and unlock secrets characters in Lego Ninjago Nindroids.
Lego ninjago nindroids how to unlock all characters — pic 1
Since the codes are a bit hard to find, I'll post the codes here. If the code works, the game will let you know who youve unlocked. All secret character codes inside. Actually works my bra doesnt fit anymore so big.

Dimensions today covers how to unlock and become the golden ninja in Lego dimensions with any Ninjago Character in your character grid.

You wont be able to use the newly-acquired characters before you reach the first free roam area, though. Once you enter the code, youll unlock a character. With some good grinding this shouldn't be a problem. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.