What does independent manipulated variable mean

Posted on 22.06.2018
What Does Manipulated Variable Mean. Manipulated variables are frequently used in scientific experiments or theoretical research. Single blind gives the control group a placebo a substance that is inert, it has no physical effect.

So, if my plants grew a lot when they got a lot of water, then the dependent variable would be the amount they grew.

If it was, sorry, and don't put down my answer on your test. So that would mean that the independent variableis typically the variable being manipulated or changed and thedependent variable is the observed result of the independentvariable being manipulated. Follow the video, what does independent manipulated variable mean, the Ink Level Indication will show full always. Extraneous variables are balanced between experimental and control groups. The variable in a scientific experiment that is changed. I don't know about respondable respondible's not a word variables.
What Does Manipulated Variable Means. By analyzing these changes the person in charge of the experiment can conclude whats the degree of influence of this variable over the element or phenomena being studied. Like, if I was doing an experiment on plants why do people always talk about experimenting with plants. No because i really cant be doing that. Maybe they're just another term for dependent variables what happens in response to the manipulated variable.