How to turn straight leg pants into skinny jeans

Posted on 20.06.2018
Sorry, but there is no true way to doing this. From flats, heels and wedges to sandals, pumps and boots, show off your beautiful shoe collection by changing your regular jeans into skinny jeans. Turn those old bell-bottomed or flared pants into a straight-legged fashion statement with a few alterations.

No matter, this style has never flattered my figure, and the same goes for super skinny jeans who wants to look like they are wearing a diaper anyway.

How to turn straight leg pants into skinny jeans
Turn your pair of baggy jeans inside out, put them on and zip them up. A pair of boot cut or flair jeans. My biggest concern with jeans- do I have the mom butt going on. Just read the instructions and the task will be over in one hour or less. You can easily covert them to skinny jeans yourself in under an hour. These jeans my sis sent were keepers in the butt department.

Make sure to launder your jeans as usual before you start to adjust for shrinkage.

How to turn straight leg pants into skinny jeans
How to show your Network connection icon in the taskbar. Since the hem of the pants are flared out they cannot be swifted into a more thin layer. First you will turn your jeans inside out. Skilled sewers will find this task a breeze, although it is a project that anyone with sewing skills can undertake with a little guidance. Repeat with the other pant leg. We thought EleonoreWeek is a good timing to publish this more detailed tutorial, where we show you how to take your straight leg in the right way and.