How to restrain a cat for a bath

Posted on 15.06.2018
Bathing your cat can be a challenge especially if its the first time. Really thought she was going to freak out. Elliott is a veterinarian with over thirty years of experience.

One person can restrain by the scruff and the other bathes the cat.

Bathing a cat is often a two-person job -- one to restrain and one to bathe -- but you can do it yourself. Be sure your cat can breathe comfortably while restrained. Sometimes they get into something very sticky or dirty. You might be able to gradually get her used to the sound and feel especially if you begin regular baths in kittenhood -- and then again, you might not. Use for digital signature verification. Is there a safe way of going about this daunting task.

In this case you need to be very safe as an angry or hurt cat may bite you.

How to restrain a cat for a bath — pic 1
Here are tips and precautions on how to bathe a cat at home without getting scratched. Cat owners, therefore, need to outsmart their felines. At times you may need to immediately pick up a cat, such as when its angry or hurt. Software Update Point Use the Software Update Point to perform the installation. However, sometimes there is no way around it. A hair dryer helps dry a cat more quickly than towels.