How to make a halfpipe in your backyard

Posted on 15.06.2018
Place jumps strategically near the heaviest snow to limit the moving work later. Annondale Metal Skate Ramp Halfpipe Skateramp Miniramp. But sure does make the ramp a bit easier on the eyes. New England Backyard Landscaping Ideas.

Grab a few friends to help with the construction and with the instructions given below you can make your very own halfpipe.

Myself and retiree skateboard enthusiast Rob Maggi went over to a friends house to put up a halfpipe for him. I havent built a halfpipe from scratch in many years so Rob was on point on this one. So if you decide not to go to a public skate park you can have your very own personalized ramp right in your backyard to invite your friends over and have a good time.
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