Why do i feel bad about myself sometimes

Posted on 14.06.2018
Im thinking that Ill be alone the rest of my life. Why do we carry feelings of being inherently wrong or bad. We found some answers as below for this questionWhy do I feel bad about myself, ou can compare them.

When You Feel Bad About Yourself.

In a sentence, would you say I myself is, or I myself are. We may feel that we dont deserve help from anyone and that we dont qualify for Gods mercy. Many of us reach a point where we feel no one could really love us if they knew the real us. Yes I slept well and No I didn't sleep well.

One of my friends is being bullied for being a freshmen and want to know how to cheer her up.

And black shirts is all I ever wear because they are just big and pop out even if I am wearing. They expect that they might, at any moment, be exposed as a fake or a phony. Let me just describe myself first and give a little background of my life. One common form of suffering involves the feeling of shriveling up inside from allegedly being bad, unworthy, flawed, and defective. Taking too much vitamin C and magnesium in supplement form can do the same. Also, recently, much to my surprise, a friend from high-school contacted me and we started conversing. Show more Like I feel like a freak and want to cry.