Struts2 redirect action not working

Posted on 14.06.2018
To be more precise, results are returning from my interceptor and not action. Try setting a break point in ServletRedirectResult to see if its getting to the redirect. You must return result redirect from you action, because you define this as global result.

I've also tried using interceptors in struts.

This is a common use to redirect action to display a page. And yes, I am doing return redirect. As you can see, actionA error result redirect to actionB and actionB error result redirect to actionC.
Struts2 redirect action not working
When a browser is redirected, it perform a GET request. Ok, the code still working, the problem come from the execandwait interceptor. Jsp but homepage is loaded only when actionC is called. How to Torque a Bolt Without a Torque Wrench. No need for global results in this case.