How to make jewelry rings at home

Posted on 29.06.2018
Making jump rings is an easy beginner wire jewelry project. When were just starting to learn how to make jewelry at home there is one thing that we first always look for. Patterns range from simple back-and-forth weave patterns to complex chevrons, flowers and other designs. Make sure there is a flat spot on the back of the vintage piece for gluing.
Well, heres your chance to avail exclusive free handmade jewelry making tutorials from DIY Jewelry Making Magazine. Using jump rings made of different and unexpected shapes will add interest to your bead and wire jewelry designs. Facts About Wire and Jump Rings. Keep an eye out for items with an unusual shape that can be used as a mandrel.

Search online for instructions on how to make the the specific earrings, bracelet, ring, or other kind of jewelry you want to try making.

Once you know the basics of how to make jump rings, make them in different shapes and sizes. Since it is to the right of the s-block, we have already filled the s subshell. You can also make jewelry that closely matches your personal style and taste. Utilize old brooches or jewelry parts to create this stunning ring.