How a bolt action rifle trigger works

Posted on 25.06.2018
If you could post a link to an article or video that explains it, that would be greatly appreciated. Pretty much the way any trigger works. All will be answered in this article about the work of a bolt action rifle and the other versions of them. This raises the cartridge to a point where the bolt pushes it off the elevator, and into the chamber.
How a bolt action rifle trigger works — pic 1
Just as the title asks, how does a bolt action sniper rifle work. The lock up of a bolt action, where the bolt is locked to the rear or the barrel, provides a more stable, repeatable action. Cradle the front of the guard with you other hand do not touch the barrel.
Lets find out how a bolt action rifle work. Some rifles have a straight-pull bolt action. See more of How To See Hidden Friends List on Facebook. I am mostly focusing on how the trigger hits the bullet even with the cocking stuff in the way. Have you ever wondered what it is and how they work.