Angel beats why did kanade disappears

Posted on 24.06.2018
The ending when Otonashi screams after Kanade disappears. For Iwasawa, it was playing that song, which achieved a certain state of mind she wanted and so she disappeared. She had to fight it, even if it meant getting hurt. That's why she couldn't make it disappear.

Age of Empires can be very unreliable with multiplayer by itself as you've discovered.

Why did other Angel's friends disappear and Otonashi and others didn'. Do you want second season of angel beats. Why does she have to develop them for herself.
Angel beats why did kanade disappears
If she's an angel, why doesn't she get her powers from God. Angel beats allows you to interpret the ending in your own way and i interpreted it as. Is open ended and left to interpretation, that's why the ending is considered so heart wrenching and bittersweet. This is my idea of Tachibana's past, I have no idea if the video game will explain some things about this because I have never played it, but maybe I should. Also, why did Otonashi say we will not disappear, be our friend something like that.