How much does 6 cubic yards of dirt weigh

Posted on 21.06.2018
Before going into how much a yard of topsoil weighs, lets first go over what topsoil is and what its generally used for. Sandy soil tends to drain water better and is consequently lighter, and soil with a greater clay content absorbs more water and has more weight. How much does a cubic yard of dirt weigh. If you are planning to buy the dirt for a project, it is always recommended to buy on a day which is dry.
How much does 6 cubic yards of dirt weigh — pic 2
Waste dirt is usually left over from leveling the land to build. I can figure out the exact volume of my cargo area but was wondering if there is a basic rule of thumb as to how much a cubic yard of dirt weights. While knowing what type of dirt to use for your project is crucial, knowing the proper measurements and increments that it comes in is very helpful, as well. How many tons does a car weigh. Fill dirt is the dirt below topsoil, and usually has a low amount of organic material, consisting of rockier material.
How much does 6 cubic yards of dirt weigh
But all was forgiven when I started driving. This is clean topsoil type dirt with no rocks or other garbage in it. Are you sure you want to delete this answer.