How to set up a nice buffet table

Posted on 14.06.2018
Easy yips for setting up a buffet table for a party. Buffet tables can be pretty as well as functional. You can go with a solid color or use a pretty floral print for a lighter feel. Its fun, its relatively easy and laid back a nice way to enjoy friends and family.

Set up serving dishes and baskets for your cold items first, such as fresh fruit, bagels and pastries.

How to set up a nice buffet table
The idea is to keep hot items from cooling off as guests make their way through the buffet. Place large and small plates at the side of the table that guests will be coming to first. Buffet table set up is the way to go and here's how to do it. It doesnt matter if it is at a BBQ, a potluck or Thanksgiving dinner, there is a right way and a wrong way to set up a buffet table. Most of the time, plates are set up on the left so people can flow from left to right, serving themselves. Place your buffet table at least a couple of feet from the wall if you are having more than six guests.

From choosing the right dishes to laying the perfect table, weve gathered everything you need to know to ensure your buffet is as easy as it is functional.

How to set up a nice buffet table — pic 1
Set up the plates at one end of the table. Large plates will be for the main and side dishes and the smaller plates will be for items such as bagels and pastries. Discover the secrets to setting up the perfect buffet with this simple guide. To set up a buffet, prepare the space, set up the table, and put out food for the guests.