How to use whisper 40 air pump

Posted on 26.06.2018
How to Quiet your Aquarium Air Pump. How to Set Up an Aquarium Air Pump. If you have to use an aquarium air pump, I can recommend the Tetra Whisper series as they are a good design that is quiet and is not expensive. I was really amazed at how quiet it functioned and being powerful.

What is the Best Aquarium Air Pump.

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How to Acclimate my new Saltwater Livestock to your tank. How to Choose an Air Pump for your Aquarium. Thick, rubber base and feet dampen vibrations for smooth, quiet, no-slip operation and elevate the housing for added insulation and protection from water.
I want to thank you for you service. My waterfall for my fish tank started to slow down so Im adding an air pump to the tank to be sure the fish have enough oxygen. It took a little longer than I expected, but wasnt too complicated. Minmal noise with maximum air flow. Though I have tried to modify font.