My son says he is gay. what can i do

Posted on 22.06.2018
Do you think he's gay from what i wrote. That was the moment our seven-year-old son came out. Its not really a shock to kind of find out my son is gay.

He is now so terrified of getting things wrong that he wont spend time with people he likes.

My son says he is gay. what can i do
He took a bite of chicken and announced, in his matter-of-fact way, I hope you know Im gay. Launch Terminal and change directory where drush is downloaded. During a disagreement, he wasnt fazed. You'll really love this homemade recipe. But then one night a few weeks later he called me into his bedroom. He said, Im scared of being different.
Sitting in the principals office with Lucas afterward, I thought about how I cant protect him from unkind words. I was a teacher at the school and, no matter what I did, no one took the situation seriously. My son said, I have something to say. He is very beautiful, funny and intelligent, if extremely sensitive.