What if i never cheated on you girl

Posted on 21.06.2018
He cheated on me, and everything in my life changed. As a rule of thumb, if you cheat on her, she will never be the same. I was never faced with the person's feelings when I did it - I eventually broke up with them and they never knew that I cheated on them.
What if i never cheated on you girl — pic 1
I use here Debian Wheezy testing netinstall image and graphical installer. Thats what pushed me so far down. When girls say they will never cheat on you do they mean it. But that's not what is my concern.
And I won't even ask you how long you two have been together. Because love has no boundaries. I imagine if you talked to her, she'll have to face you, face reality and face what happened which I never had to. Figure out what lead her to do that. While creating the new project i'm getting this error.