How to countersink screws in backerboard

Posted on 13.06.2018
I find that the rock-on screws do not set flush into the backerboard and that I have to pre-drill and countersink every screw. Once familiar, youll be able to tell the correct depth instinctively. There are screws made specifically for cement backerboards. Each manufacturer has their own specific spacing instructions for screwing down the backerboards follow them really.

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In some do-it-yourself projects it doesn't matter if the heads of your screws protrude a little from the surface of your lumber.

Then, you can countersink your screw in the material flush with the surface. Its likely that after you get used to how a particular countersink works, youll leave the depth stop in its case. As a tilesetter, I often use Hardibacker as a floor underlayment. Deleting the Cache Folder can resolve some login issues. You should be able to find them at any hardware or big box store. Countersunk screws have different heads.