How can i make plastic look like wood

Posted on 31.08.2018
Sand with fine-grit sandpaper just enough to scuff the surface gently, and then wipe the dust away. Many car interiors use plastic painted to match the grain of wood, instead of real wood. Paint on one layer of primer in either grey, yellow or cream.
Jazz up everything from plastic molding to picture frames with your favorite wood tones. When you need to make a styrene plastic model kit look like wood, this tutorial will show you how to do it. Making plastic look like wood takes just a little bit of painting skill, the right brushes and the right types of paint. This colour will show through the next layer of paint, so match it to the type of wood you are trying to imitate. Even if the plastic piece already looks somewhat like wood -- as far as its color is concerned -- a thorough yet gentle sanding makes it more receptive to a faux-wood treatment.

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You can make any type of plastic that can be painted look like wood, for stage plays, movies and other applications. This way any scratches you create lend to a wood-grain look. And the first paragraph should state the problem. Mix your umber or brown colour paint with white until you get the colour you are seeking. You will find a paint applicator that is used to emulate wood grain patterns. Faux wood grain -- or faux bois -- finishing can give all kinds of plastics a realistic wooden appearance. I think you can get them at most home improvement stores.