What do our bodies do while we sleep

Posted on 18.06.2018
Would you like to know what our body does while it sleeps. Hypnagogic jerk The primary strange thing that will happen to your body is the Hypnagogic Jerk. On the other hand, the researchers are still not certain what really cause the hypnagogic jerk. You will be surprised to learn how many things are actually going on in our body when we are having a doze.
What do our bodies do while we sleep
Scientists have developed several theories that together may help explain why we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Now you can learn more about what happens while you're sleeping. You do not need to worry though.
What do our bodies do while we sleep — pic 1
Although it is difficult to answer the question, Why do we sleep. There are different versions of software both as for Mac and for Windows too. Temperature drop Presently we take you to the stage two of your rest cycle.