Multi window android 4.2.2 not working

Posted on 12.06.2018
Multi Window is a free and awesome Tools app. Download Android SDK from developer. OEMs like Samsung and LG have perfected multi window capabilities on their custom Android skins.

And this is just their first release of this special multi-window UI, if there is a lot of demand for it they will improve it and optimize it further.

This app has a bug where the keyboard only works on the last app dragged which may be fixed by the time you see this tutorial but you can simply drag app again to get keyboard working. Why don't Google Drive Apps support multi window. Replace android policy makes system ui work. A new community initiative is being developed and will be rolled out soon. You need to manually enable it on your Marshmallow Android if you want to use two apps at the same time. Btw change ui through this apps gives awkward ui Is there any way to get it back. Why don't Android developers make apps for Windows.
What do you think about this custom UI. I am not responsible for what you do to your device.