How to hide dropdown arrow in html

Posted on 14.06.2018
Mujhy is button ko remove krna hai, plz help, --select-- aa bb cc dd ee. Image me ap dekh skte hai maine ek arrow point kiya hai. To turn the arrows off, go to the Data tab.
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This solution will work Well in Chrome Firefox as well as on IE browsers. English Translate By CodingResolved's Team. I searched the internet in vain for this before reverting to the fool-proof strategy of clicking at random things in Excel. I would then use modernizr to provide a fallback regular select for no-js users. There simply isn't any solution to this, other than rewriting the entire select box control in Javascript. There's a risk of losing information in converting xlsx to xls because xlsx files can be much larger. Get Values From Multiple Checkboxes Using JQuery.