How to fix iphone 4s screen went black

Posted on 24.01.2019
Since the iPhone or iPad screen. IPhone screen goes black after iOS update. IPhone is on but screen is black. When your iPhone screen went blank, and you can't start up your iPhone with the power button.

Though the screen is black but the phone is on cause it still rings when somebody call.

The settings on this screen configure the method in which calls originating on IP and terminating on the gateway are assigned to channels within each Hunt Group. There are lots of reasons why your iPhone's screen suddenly goes black. Your phone still works but your screen is black or blank and unresponsive. Of course, the chainsaw and his massive size pretty much mean instant death. Repair the Crashed iOS System to Fixing iPhone Blank Screen. Step by step guide, how to fix and repair your phone. Solve iPhone Screen Went Black via Factory Settings Losing Data.
Check this guide to know how to enter iPhone Recovery mode. Click Restore to confirm the action. Here are two different cases that iPhone screen goes black. Not finding a whole lot of stuff except junk. IPhone screen is black and won't turn on.