What is np hard and np complete problems

Posted on 03.07.2018
NP-Complete and NP-Hard are definitions within complexity theory studied within computer science. What are the differences between NP, NP-Complete and NP-Hard. An NP problem currently can't be solved on a standard computer in polynomial time, although the non-determinism can be simulated. I am aware of many resources all over the web.
What is np hard and np complete problems
That's a computer where when there's a branch, such as an if statement, the computer takes both branches at the same time. NP-hard problems are at least as hard as the hardest problem in NP-complete. It was set up this way because its easier to compare the difficulty of decision problems than that of optimization problems.
This video lecture is produced by. Take two problems A and B both are NP problems. In this context, NP stands for nondeterministic polynomial time.