Windows 98 installation youtube

Posted on 29.06.2018
If this article is helpful, send me feedback by commenting. This brought back some fond memories. The machine can happily boot from the CD-ROM drive, so theres no problems on that front.

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View your original hardware documentation if you are not sure how to run the Restore CD-ROM. Those text based graphical DOS screens. No floppy discs to slow things down or to become corrupted at the slightest whim, ruining your brand new operating system.
So, if you find problem with Dosbox, this can be a good alternative. Ok, so that worked, which led onto the. How to Install Windows XP on Virtual PC by AvoidErrors. How to get user input method language. You may want to do so to verify that you have completely installed all of the components of a device driver and the supporting files needed for your device. Aside from this, you should clean the lips every day, at night by using rose water.