Weak broadband connection

Posted on 28.06.2018
Or are you expecting more speed. You look up and the blue hub light is now orange and flashing or green or steady orange. Meaning of No Broadband connection - weak signal. The hub also randomly restarts itself so you're at in the lounge and suddenly no Internet.
A guide to sorting out your broadband connection when moving home. My broadband connection keeps cutting out randomly so we have to reset the hub several times a week. You've just upgraded to a super-fast broadband Internet connection, and you are expecting fast loading webpages and downloads. ' So to help answer this we've compiled a list of things to check on your home setup.
Sometimes the emergency service in your area will be unavailable or won't accept such calls, therefore, always have a phone if you want to make sure you'll be able to dial emergency numbers, weak broadband connection. So you have DSL, cable or another type of broadband connection and feel like a king now. Well, in this guide Sevan shows you how to optimize your broadband connection to get the maximum speed, without any fancy programs or hacks.