Data connection lost galaxy s3

Posted on 08.11.2018
Recently, I seem not to be able to get on the internet while using mobile data. Try a new USB cable and a different USB port. The only way I can turn data back on is by toggling airplane mode. Another requirement is that youve to login with the Samsung account.
Data connection lost galaxy s3
Here, youre given the options to delete the data from the external memory, SIM or phone storage. There are several factors that could be involved, but some of the most common fixes will only take a few minutes. This doesnot happen everytime the mobile loses signal, perhaps one in three times.
Data connection lost galaxy s3 — pic 2
It's also important to be sure. I don't know maybe a billion of calories, galaxy. Click the Unlock button to unlock your phone and reset the lock screen security to Swipe. You can do this easily with a soft reset, and it will only require rebooting your Galaxy. I have turned on my wifi and connected at home how can i turn off my phone data so i wont get charged for it when not using data. There are several fixes you can try without losing any of your data. This post will walk you through troubleshooting the problem to know what really caused it.