What does the number 5 mean on facebook

Posted on 18.06.2018
Some plugins, only show shared post count, but in most cases its the total of liked and shared. Page Reach is the number of users who saw any content posted by your page. What is the Difference Between Paid and Organic Reach.
What do the numbers mean next to the error stats. On facebook, next to the little gray phone icon, there is a number. Does a variable next to number mean multiply.
What does the number 5 mean on facebook
The number and letter next to the icon means thats how long ago they were on Facebook. First, the field-of-view of a sinus ct generally only includes the face and small portions of the front part of the brain. What does a poke mean on Facebook. A Batman symbol type symbol is a game controller and that means they are playing a game. Ammonia plays a very important role in soil. Download our Exclusive Facebook Study for More Insights. Few days age i lost my mobile number thats why i brought a new number and.