On the vampire diaries what is tyler

Posted on 17.06.2018
The episode ended with Damon biting into Tyler's neck, and it sure looked like Tyler was bitting the dust for good this time. Over the course of eight seasons on The Vampire Diaries, Tyler has cheated death almost as many times as Elena. The good news is that Hayley has the Mikaelson family on her side.

The rendezvous went horribly wrong when Damon, under the influence of the Phoenix Stone, torched the decoy coffin and beat Tyler to a bloody pulp.

But, it seems likely that he might have finally met his true end. They must be objective, impartial, independent, and competent. Wed definitely love to see him return in a more substantial role on the series.

Tyler is the hyprid on the show, he is the mayor's son.

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For its final season, The Vampire Diaries plans on bringing back many fan-favorite characters for one last goodbye, so it comes as no surprise that we haven't seen the last of Tyler Lockwood. After he was resurrected in Home, he was reborn as an untriggered werewolf due. Many men, regardless of their age when their father died, on the vampire diaries what is tyler, feel like they.