Paste special not working in excel 2007 unicode

Posted on 10.08.2018
It is also grayed functions were not working normally in excel. Hadn't even noticed that feature. I am not aware that being Unicode have any special effect on the delimiters or parsing. I found this thread from two years ago.

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Paste special not working in excel 2007 unicode — pic 2
Today lets learn a quicker easier way to do this by just using copy, paste, find replace. In addition, copy paste now provides me with different choices. Mini Bridge will now be open and displaying the Home Page of the panel. While copying data from a website I've noticed that Paste Special 'Unicode Text' has stopped working and it does't separate into columns. Hello, I noticed that my cut and paste v paste special function, which I use a lot. If it really stopped working then it probably has to do with the parameter used for parsing text input, where you changed the delimiters probably Tabulation was checked before and now it is not.

When the above actions are replicated while browsing with Firefox ALL the headers are placed in seperate columns.

Does anyone have from out of the blue last Thursday and I'd like to ask for help. It doesn't cut but I can paste the info somewhere else. G formulas is not being copied only values, copy paste special only as Unicode text or Code. Thank you any suggestions please. Excel wont Paste Special wont paste formulas it says Unicode text.