Access page setup columns

Posted on 28.07.2018
Imagine that you need to create an internal phone list for the company's HR Dept. Once you've chosen your page layout settings, it's easy to preview and print a workbook from Excel using the Print pane. You could just let them loose in report design mode, but you'd like to maintain a little control over their actions. The code generates a report that is based on record source query.

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Even though I have used Page Layout to set my margins at. Choose a column width for your columns. What are you going to return to this world. Appears at the top of every page and displays the headings field labels for each column. You'd like to give your applications' users some control over report layout, especially in designating column and margin settings. In the Detail section of the report, place the controls that you want to print within your chosen width. By packing the Detail data into two or more columns on the page, you can often save a lot of paper.

Enter the number of columns and column spacing that you would like to appear in the report.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I wrote, columns. Feel free to comment if you use one of these techniques. Is there some way to modify these layout settings from VBA. Change the Width of the report to your page width. This post covers how to add new rows and columns in a query design.